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Second user profile not being fully deleted on instant clones - captured in writable app volume

Hello, I noticed a problem today where I've UNC'd to users folder at say \\computer\c$\users and noticed more than 1 user profile there.  We use instant clones and the base image only has the bare minimum for profiles.  Typically its not the full profile that's left over, its just the NTUSER.dat file. And I've never seen more than 2 profile folders from users there at once (the currently connected user and then someone else's from a while back).

We're using Horizon 7.9 with App Volumes 2.18.6 with writable app volumes (profile).  No UEM.

What seems to be happening is that the Writable app volume is capturing another user's NTUSER.dat file and saving it.  We only use floating pools that erase after logoff.  How can it be capturing other user's profile folders... unless for some reason logoffs didn't complete and someone logged in and then theirs DID complete.  Then maybe this extra NTUSER.DAT file would be captured in their writable app vol.  Anyone else notice this??

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