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I am having problems on clients connections to virtual desktop. For testing purpose I created non-persistent desktops pool, here is configuration for this pool:

Desktop ID: desktop

Desktop type: Non-persistent

Desktop display name: desktop

Desktop state: Enabled

Provisioning: Enabled

Active sessions: 1

Minimum number of virtual machines: 4

Maximum number of virtual machines: 4

Number of available virtual machines: 1

Stop provisioning on error: True

Prefix for virtual machine names: des

Virtual machine power policy: Suspend when not required

Power off and delete virtual machine after first use: False

Automatic logoff after disconnect: Immediately

Allow users to reset their desktop: False

Allow multiple sessions per user: False

All deployement process was successful. In VDM virtual machine status window I see that all VMs are in ready status. Entitlement process also was successful, I added one user’s group to whole pool.

I connect with one client to VDM and I get virtual desktop. When I am trying connect second client (physically from second computer) I get desktop list but when connnecting on selected desktop I get error message:

The connection to remote computer ended

In VDM events log I see these warnings:

(49211A28BDC2E2CF16C22CA0DFE546FA) Failed locate messages: java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name Messages, locale lt_LT

Problem starting channel 0 for Port1: Failed to allocate onbound connection to -

With one client connection all is working, but when trying second connnection to desktops always getting this error message.

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Are you trying to connect with the same user or you using a different user? Have you attempted to RDP to any of the remaining desktops once you have connected to the first desktop through VDM? Use RDP outside of VDM and see if you are able to access the machine, this should tell us if it's a machine issue or a VDM issue.

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