Scanning not working via USB AIO Printer. Horizon View 7.4.0 - HP Printer - Dell Wyse 3040


So we have been experiencing this issue with remote users connecting to vdi
using the Dell 3040's clients. When they try to scan the scanning process goes
up to 90% and then it errors out. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it
scans one page and it errors out on the second page. We have enabled USB and
Scanner re-direction, installed the latest printer drivers and latest firmware
on the thin client. Also the users has to connect, disconnect and connect again
in order for the usb devices to be recognized. Has anyone seen this happen and
what was the resolution?

Tested the printer using the Horizon Client from a laptop and we experienced
the same issue when scanning, this kind of rules out the Thin Client.

Also thios is a remote user connecting over VPN.

This is a persistent desktop

Horizon View 7.4.0

UEM 9.3



Some of the errors:

Scanner communication cannot be established.....

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