SSO for all of components


I have many windows desktop pool on VMware horizon and work correctly I want to create a Linux pool but I have a problem for join Linux to active directory

I install my active directory on a windows server 

I want to create an SSO server for use of the windows active directory for all components such (vCenter, horizon, Linux desktops, Windows desktops, ... ).

the structure in my mind is to create an SSO server on a virtual machine or container and connect to my windows active directory. and then connect any components to the SSO server.

is that right?

what the right way to deploy this plan? 

is any document for setup an SSO server on VMware vSphere?

thank you to help me

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Moderator: Moved to Horizon Desktops & Apps - on balance I feel this is the best area for your question, it’s not specific to vSphere networking.