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Responsive screen sizing

Dear community!

We have experienced an issue what we want to fix (if it`s solvable). The environment we had created is mainly for our users to access their applications from any device and from a browser.

The issue we are facing is because of responsive sizing (I think), the situation is this: user1 end devices are a laptop and mobile.

The laptop info: there are three browsers we use for this environment (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and got an installed instance of the Horizon View Client.

The mobile got an Intranet browser installed for accessing the company network.

So the first part (laptop side):

  • User1 logs in the view client there are no issues at all.
  • User1 logs in on IE (HTML access) but can`t start any app at all - but if we start the app IE on full screen it starts without an error.
  • User1 logs in on Firefox - the app can only be started if we "decrease" the screen of the webpage (like if we add the favorites bar under the address bar)
  • User1 logs in on Chrome - the app can only be started if we open the browser in full screen (like IE)

The second part (mobile side):

  • User1 logs in with the intranet browser but they can start the apps if the device is set to multi window session (because there we can change the size of the browser vertically. And we can make it smaller than the original screen size)
  • We use this intranet browser because the pre installed browsers can`t reach the horizon webpage at all - I think it`s because the current network setting won`t allow it. I can`t really get into these details because it`s not my setup and right now it`s not the main issue)
  • If we install the view client app for mobile device it can`t reach the server - this is the other reason we use the intranet browser (nut maybe it`s the same network issue)

In total that is why I think it`s the auto sizing issue. And my question is: does anyone know a workaround for this? (Right now I mainly want to focus on the mobile side so it can use the original screen size if we want to start an app. But I hope it can be solved fully on any device to use the original sizes)

Or is there a way to make the apps or the webpage to not to be responsive for the different screen sizes? - Because than I would set it for an average size that any browser and any device can manage.

Thank you in advance

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Just a plus information that I can add for my previous message:

Today I found out that on the mobile if I go to Settings - Display - Font and screen zoom - And on the Font Size setting slider I put it on the smallest option (on the device it was called Tiny)

And after that setting - if I turn the phone to work in landscape mode. On the intranet browser we can launch the applications without an issue.

This was on a Samsung A5 device that needed these settings - but on the other hand we tried it on an iPhone SE and it worked without these setups.

So it`s not perfect - but we do hope there is a workaround for the autofit to the screen where we wont need any kind of extra settings to make it work.

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