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Replica Missing from Host

Was doing ,maintenance on my VDI hosts and Ran into this issue.  I need to reinstall ESXi on all my VDI host since my SD cards are too small for ESXi 7.0.  I did the first one and here is the steps i followed...

Did a Config backup of the host.  

Put the Host in InstantClone.Maintenance mode then put host in maintenance mode

Powered down, added new SD's and reinstalled same version of ESXi then rebooted

Restored Config from backup and all looked good BUT...

All my replicas from that server are now inaccessible so i had to delete them.  Now now sure why they will not go back on the new host.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get those cp-replicas and cp-templates back on the host?  Any help is appreciated.  

Thank you, Perry
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