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Rebalance replica view between two different storage


I have a question to ask.

I have an infrastructure based on vmware horizon view 6.2.

The version of is vSphere 5.1 u3.

The server model is hp proliant BL460 Gen8.

As storage I'm using a hp p2000g3 sas  and  sas switches .

Because I want to migrate everything to vsphere 6 I have to change the storage because  the p2000g3 sas it is not certified by vsphere 6.

I have bought a new c30000 with 8 new blades.

I bought a 3PAR 8200 fc.

The new blades are proliant bl460c Gen9 with fc switches.

As the old servers (Gen8) can not see the new storage and vice versa I can make the replica migration (rebalance) without downtime?

In practice, the rebalance can be made through the network as storage vmotion?

thank you


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Maybe I'm wrong here but for as far as i can see you can't move it. You need your replica for recompose/reconfigure actions.

But if you can't access the storage from either VCenters how are you planning to move the information? If you don't transfer the replica using a Vcenter how will the new vcenter understand what you are trying to do with the replica then?

My guess is that you need to transfer the golden image and try to create some desktops on the new VCenter and granuly start migrating the pools and desktops from the old vcenter to the new vcenter.

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