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RDSH Passing in Signature Pads


We're a Horizon 7.10.2 shop utilizing Horizon RDSH to publish Epic Hyperspace (client is 5.5.1). One of the peripherals required is a Topaz BSB Signature pad for documents that require patient signatures. On the Agent side we're enabling USB redirection, and while it works, we're seeing a behavior that implies only 1 user (maybe 2?) per RDSH server can pass in their SigPad. For example if we had 2 RDSH servers in the farm but 4 users, and all 4 users needed a sigpad, only the 1st users on each server would get it. The other 2 would receive this failure when the device is attempted to attach:



When I dump out the logs, I do find these entries:

Client Logs Show:
2021-03-10T12:55:15.499-05:00 ERROR (2BF4-3910) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [vmware-remotemks] Remote plug-in failed. Probable cause: connection error or device was rejected, PlugNo: 4, Device: Future Devices FT232R USB UART
2021-03-10T12:55:15.499-05:00 DEBUG (2BF4-3910) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [vmware-remotemks] vhub status : RUSB_ERROR_DEVICE_ALREADY_EXISTS


Agent Logs Show:
2021-03-10T12:55:19.599-05:00 ERROR (0640-176C) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [ws_vhub] vhublib: Failed to plugin virtual device, device already exists, handle: 0000019DEADC4040
2021-03-10T12:55:19.599-05:00 DEBUG (0640-176C) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [ws_vhub] vhublib: Internal plugin device, handle: 0000019DEADC4040, Device Flags: 0x0, PlugNo: 37, status: 0xb
2021-03-10T12:55:19.599-05:00 DEBUG (0640-176C) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [ws_vhub] vhublib: Plugin device, handle: 0000019DEC1AD170, PlugNo: 37, status: 0xb
2021-03-10T12:55:19.599-05:00 ERROR (0640-176C) <MessageFrameWorkShare> [ws_vhub] Failed to plugin device, Device: 0000019DEC1AD170 status: Name collision

We have an SR opened with VMware, but, no word yet from them. I'm hoping this isn't expected behavior, that there's a wall you can hit when users are passing in the same kind of device to a single RDSH server.

Our workaround right now is that we expanded the farm to be 20 servers. There's 7 users we expect to need a sigpad at any given time, so, thus far it's been working ok. But as our environment grows, this is going to be difficult to maintain if these devices (or even other USB types) have this kind of limitation.

Thanks in advance.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

It seems your Topaz BSB Signature pads all have the same USB VID/PID/SerialNumber(You can check it with tools like UsbView.exe). This does conform to USB Spec. I suggest:

1. Check if you can pass through the device to the remote through serial port redirection feature, instead of USB redirection. Or

2. Try to find a tool(from Topaz?) to customize the Topaz Device to make sure each device has a unique USB serial number.

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