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Provisioning gets Disabled without any ERRORS

I am still trying to recover from the upgrade from hell and not sure if there is any light at the end of the tunnel yet.  The latest issue is that most times when i try to recompose existing pools (a few VM's at a time) it will get to a point where it goes thru all the recompose steps, then it gets to customizing and stops.  When i check the STATUS of the pool it shows that provisioning is DISABLED. There are no errors in the event viewer at all.  Once i ENABLE provisioning the recompose task continues.  I think the biggest issue for me is that i cannot schedule any recompose tasks which i do a lot of.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  I am running ESXi 6.0U1 and View 6.2.  All desktops are running the 6.1.1 agent due to a video driver version issue with some EHR software of mine.   Thanks in advance!


Thank you, Perry
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Hi Perry,

The only time I have come across a desktop pool provisioning go into a disabled state without any error reason (within View Administrator) is when the View Composer version was newer than the View Connection servers.

It's normally fine (and briefly supported) for the View Agent to be a slightly older version the Connection server though.

Can you confirm View Composer and the View Connection server(s) are the same version - 6.2.0?

And can you post an extract from the log on the View Connection Server and View Composer with the more detailed error?



Andy Barnes
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