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Provisioning desktops have failed after adding host with no HDDs to vSAN cluster


Here is my situation, I'll be grateful if someone helps.

- A vSAN cluster running on 3 hosts.

- The Horizon View infrastructure is also implemented on this cluster.

- Desktop pools are adjusted to be created on entire clusters (meaning shared across vSAN cluster).

After adding 2 more hosts (without hard drive) to the vSAN cluster in order to using vSAN Datastore; provisioning desktops have failed (says: Cloning machine failed).
And removing two new hosts from the vSAN cluster resolve the issue.

I want to know how can I create a vm on those two hosts with no HDDs and use vSAN datastore ?

For example, can I create cluster for new hosts and use vSAN datastore from another cluster ?

Hosts: ESXi 6.7 U2

vCenter: 6.7

Horizon View: 7.9



Regards, Mohammad
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