Problems on JailBroken iPad ?

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get any experiences or feedback on using the View Client on a Jail Broken iPad.

We have several iPad users, all of which work fine except for one specific user.  This user has an iPad with iOS 5 that has been Jail Broken.

When this client tries to launch the View Client, it does not load.  It shows that it is running but nothing displays - they don't get to the point of entering the connection server.  The user has tried removing and reinstalling the client and is using the latest version of the client.  This client can login from other devices.

I am pretty sure it is due to the fact the device is Jail Broken, but was hoping to get feedback of others who have tried this combination or any sort of official support statement I can point to.  So far I haven't had any luck searching the forums or support docs.



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Jailbroken device = unsupportable.

Unless the user himself actually wrote the jailbreak he used, he has no idea what has been done to the firmware on the device.  Nor do VMware, apple or anyone else.

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