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Problem with USB-Sticks


Since we have upgraded to View 4.0.2 and now to View 4.5 we have problems with USB-Stick and our Wyse P20 PCoIP Zero Clients.

Always when we connect to a view Desktop with insered USB-Stick the Windows XP Machine freez (block) and we are disconected from the Desktop.

After this, the windows runs always but frezzed and we must reset the desktop in the vcenter. With the software client from vmware i cant reproduce the problem.

Have someone the same issu and a solution? Or can anyone test this with their PCoIP Devices?

Is this a vmware or a teradici problem?

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If you can't reproduce the problem with the software client, I'd imagine it is likely a teradici/Wyse problem. Have you been able to speak with Wyse regarding this?


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