Problem Setting Up Google Drive Software in Non persistent VDI

Hi everybody,

I'm having some stragne issues while setting up the Google Drive Software in a Horizon View 6 environment in a customer. This is my scenary:

- I've a pool of non persistent VDIs working fine with Persona Management. Windows 7 OS.

- Users can do login and log out in different VDIs and all their data go with them.

- I set in PM policy that also moves the path "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local", so inside of that path are the Google data, and more apps we have installed before.

But the problem is, that when a user do log in first time in VDI, Google Drive ask for credentials.

- The user write their credentials. Google Drive starts to sync.

- When it finished, they log out from the VDI.

- They log-in back again to the VDI. As the pool is "non-persisten" another VM is served to him. And Google Drive again is asking for credentials...

I think I've make a mistake at any point, but I don´t know where...:smileyconfused:

Has appened this issue to one of you? Can somebody helps me please?

Many thanks!

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