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Printer redirection using RDP protocol is not using EasyPrint Drivers

Hi Guys,

Some of our users are connecting to our RDS Desktop Farms using RDP because they need the per monitor DPI scaling.

In a perfect world I would rather all of our users using Blast but some of them have laptops and they need different scaling per screen.


The issue :

Connect to the server using "MSTC" printers are redirected using "Remote EasyPrint Drivers" are everything works.

Connect to the same server using Horizon Client with the protocol set to "Microsoft RDP" , printers are redirected but we have a bunch of error of missing drivers since it doesn't redirect them using the EasyPrint drivers but it rather searches for drivers on the server itself.


I can't install the drivers on the servers because each user is using their own printer from home.


What I checked :

GPO on the server is to use "EasyPrint" first. I also tried VMware GPO to set RDP Settings to "Redirect Printers"  to true.


As anyone successfully redirected printers with EasyPrint when using Microsoft RDP protocol to connect to an RDS farm?



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