PowerCLI - Set Customization Specification

I am trying to update Customization specification for a group of Automated Pools using the Set-HVPool cmdlet from the VMware.Hv.Helper Module.

I was able to determine the key / value pair (highlighted below), but I can't seem to put it in the correct syntax.

Any help would be appreciated.

"Type":  "AUTOMATED",

"AutomatedDesktopSpec":  {

"customizationSettings":  {

                                                               "CustomizationType":  "SYS_PREP",

                                                               "DomainAdministrator":  "********************",

                                                               "AdContainer":  "OU=*****,OU=*****",

                                                               "ReusePreExistingAccounts":  false,

                                                               "NoCustomizationSettings":  null,

                                                               "SysprepCustomizationSettings":  {

                                                                                                    "CustomizationSpec":  "Windows 7 - V9"


                                                               "QuickprepCustomizationSettings":  null,

                                                               "CloneprepCustomizationSettings":  null


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