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Planning View 4.0 Deployment - Suggestions

Hello everyone,

I am planning a View 4.0 implementation for 30 desktops.

I am thinking on using the following hardware:

2 Hosts for HA/FT/VMotion/DRS with:

IBM 3650x with 2 quadcores (I know is more than enough but having in mind future growth could be fine)


3 Nics

2 local disks SAS 72Gb (plan to make mirror 1)


I will be using shared storage with Fibre Channel. Not decided wich one yet (listen suggestions)

Licenses (not decided yet if really necessary Premier or Enterprise editions, please tell me your experience)

#1 Starter Kit for 10 users

#2 Pack for 10 users

I know I can´t use Vcenter to manage an ESX 4.0 host with View license and I have an ESX 4.0 and ESXi 4.0 hosting servers and don´t have Vcenter license purchased. Is there any possibility to obtain only one Vcenter License and administer all the virtual infraestructure? or I have to purchase another Vcenter to administer the ESX 4.0 and ESXi 4.0 sepparately?

Every comment will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

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A few suggestions...

Go with ESXi instead of ESX and save some bucks on the 2 local disks.

Go with View4 Premier, the storage savings alone will pay for the additional license-costs. (and you will get ThinApp aswell)

If you choose the View4 Premier Starter kit (not the add-on) then you will get licenses for ESX and vCenter.

Review your upgrade-plans with regards to memory, leave enough memory-slots to be able to go to 48 or 72Gb of memory in the future.

When it comes to the SAN planning, have a look at this guide for some guidence:


Best regards,


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