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PCoIP workstation with massive keyboard lag when using a Das Keyboard

My company uses PCoIP workstations for all emplyees.

I tried to bring my own keyboard, a Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, but it lags a lot, it's really unusable.

I've contacted the keyboard comany and after some exchanges we believe that the problem lies on the fact that this keyboard as an internal usb hub which aparently is not that well accepted by the VDI.

My company's admin said that this could be solved by adding some drivers to the supported pool but that would mean more stuff to maintain and as it's only for me they won't do it.

As I'm a local admin of my own machine, is there any way to make this work for me?



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you say you have PCoiP workstations.

on the PCoip workstation (its Teradici), find out its IP address when it boots and prior to you logging in.

After you have the IP address of the workstation. log into your session.

open up the ip address of the workstation in a web browser.

cllck on 'login' on the teradici webpage

(usally no password)

click on the tab that shows the USB's devices conneted.

Write down the VIB and PID of the keyboard.

click on the Bridged USB tab.

under Bridge devices, enter the 4 digit VIB and 4 digit PID.

apply and save.

This will make the keboard visiable to your OS.

reboot the PCoIP workstation.

login and the OS should try to auto load the drivers upon first boot.

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