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PCoIP is ultra responsive but Blast is slow

Hi there,

I'm facing the following problem:

- If I connect to my guests using PCoIP it is ultra responsive and fast, both on WAN and LAN; I get 60fps when moving windows and scrolling and everything is super smooth

- But if I connect with Blast, it lags; the difference is quite noticeable; scrolling and moving windows "jumps"; VMware Performance Tracker shows 60fps but I can see it stuttering.

All my guests have Nvidia vGPUs. CPU usage is quite low with Blast. Clients also have Nvidia cards. Blast lags with both Nvidia Encoder or standard encoder.

Also I can see lag with all my Clients, WAN or LAN, with or without GPU offload, with or without UAG involved, JPEG or H264, HEVC or regular H264.

Any idea what can I do to troubleshoot and fix this?


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