PCoIP Issues for Mobile Users

We are doing a VDI proof-of-concept using View 5.1 and getting some feedback that people are having PCoIP connectivity issues, primarily when traveling (hotels, airports, etc.). They either get the infamous "black screen" after authenticating, or they have some kind of connection interruption or drop. Common end-user devices include iPads, iPhones, and maybe a laptop here and there.

Our infrastructure for these external users is as follows:

- 2 Connection Servers

- 2 Security Servers (Paired to Connection Servers, of course)

- F5 Load Balancer using VMware View iApp

- Two-factor authentication using PhoneFactor

- CheckPoint Firewall

As far as I can tell, everything is configured per VMware documentation. I cannot reproduce the problem myself, I've never had an issue connecting. Works every time. So, my only guess at this point is the Internet connection they happen to be using is not allowing PCoIP somewhere along the line? If so, there is likely nothing they or I can do about it. Some of my users have resorted to connecting to our network through a VPN client and then running View. It works, but... feels wrong. I went to build a "failsafe" pool with RDP enabled, but apparently RDP is not supported on the majority of the "mobile" View clients.

What do you all do in the case where PCoIP is not working/permitted?


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On our remote pool we tend to leave both RDP and PCOIP available though we default to PCOIP.   Our users that carry work laptops also have the ability to utilize VPN.   With any remote access technology are you are somewhat limited by their connection and a lot of times that can be out of your control.   We simply attempt to give them as many options as we can so that they can get their work done.  

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