Office Licensing in VMware Horizon view 7

We are having Horizon view 7 in our environment. Currently 55 VDI Machines are running with Windows 10 LTSB OS and Office 2013. OS and Office activation are pointed to KMS server.

All are linked clone machines with dedicated assignment and users will get the same desktop when relogin.

We are planning to deploy additional 50 more VDI machines with the same image. My question is that How the office 2013 licensing will work in VDI enviroment?

Do we need Office 2013 license for each desktop that we provisioned? ie, for additional 55 VDI, 55 more office license has to purchase?

Any CCU license available for Office 2013?

What is the best approach for Office 2013 licensing in VDI environment? If i create office 2013 thinapp will this help?

Appreciate your help.



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Licensing can be addressed by Microsoft.

With little information I have, it does not matter whether it is VDI or thin app, license remains unchanged.

it is per instance license.

Since your existing licensing are working same way or you are simply expanding your environment, is it not as simple as buying additional Office license.

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