Office 2016 activation error.


I have created an office 2016 appstack and it is installed and opening fine on the APP provisioning server.

But when I assign it to users, its showing license error.

Please help, anything extra need to be checked ..

Thanks .,,


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Does this help? VMware Knowledge Base


VMware App Volumes supports Key Management Service (KMS) based licensing for Office Products. As a result, only non-retail ISO media that is available from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) must be used.

The KMS server location can be configured during the provisioning(by running OSPP.VBS with appropriate options) , or the default KMS discovery process will be used along with the default Generic Volume License Keys (GVLKs) typically embedded in non-retail ISO media.

  • If you want to deliver a standalone Office application using App Volumes to a virtual machine that has a full Office Suite installed in the base Operating System (OS) image, the standalone Office application AppStack must be created on a system that includes that Office suite in the OSbase.
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