Nvidia Quadro <3 vSphere 5.1?

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I assume that many of you with exictement have read through all news in vSphere 5.1

What cought my eye in View point of view was this:


Improved 3D Graphics Support – (View Only) –  hardware acceleration with possiblity to leverage NVIDIA’s hardware  cards installed in ESXi server, where those graphics cards are  virtualized and used in View Desktops. It’s targeted for graphics  intensive workloads, CAD designers, medical imaging etc…

NVIDIA Quadro 4000/5000/6000 and NVIDIA Tesla M2070Q are supported graphics cards.  Note that the ESXi Image profile must be installed with the NVIDIA GPU VIB file."

It certainly raises some questions for me:

a) The Nvidia GPU VIB-files is that free of charge or is it licensed from Nvidia or Vmware?

b) Have anyone tested 5.1 with Quadro-cards (and VMware Techie out there?) Pros? Cons?

c) Is the GPU fully accessible from the View guest or is there some kind of abstraction layer in between? After some research it seems like the abstraction layer is utilizing Xorg in a clever way.

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we have Esxi 5.5 update 2 where nvidia card installed

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First thing to check would be that in device manager the nVidia card is actually being recognized and enumerated (look in the "Display adapters" key).  Second thing would be to know that depending on how you're accessing the VM that control panel sometimes doesn't open.  I can tell you for sure that if you're coming in over RDP you can't open that control panel.

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Dear All

I know this thread is dead but maybe someone can direct me or had similar issues

I am trying to figure out if there is any compatibility issue or whatsoever in my configuration


Core i7 4930k Proc

Asus P9X79-WS Motherboard

64 Gig Ram

2 SSDs

2 Nvidia Quadro K6000 GPUs with Quadro SyncBoard

Esxi 6.0 update 2

Installed ESXI with 2 VMs. Passthrough K6000 and both the VMs are running perfectly 4 output each (Windows 7 x64)

Following are the issues:

Using Nvidia driver ver 362.56

Nvidia Control Panel missing mosaic feature - Got it sorted by mosaic utility

Nvidia Control Panel no option to configure Syncboard. If i check the system information, i can see the sync board but i cannot configure the sync

Do i need any VIB files for the host?



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