Norton LifeLock installed on destination pc

Hey there,

I hope someone can help me understanding how come norton lifelock has been installed on one of our company's pc.

One of our user is using Horizon 2006 (2020-08-11 version) to connect to her computer in the office.

Her config at home is as following:

- Windows 10

- Norton LifeLock

- Browsers: IE, Chrome and Firefox

Core image of any company's PC:

- Windows 10

- McAfeee

- Browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox

Now this is where it's getting strange.

She's in the OFFICE, she's trying to access a fraudulent website and she has received a warning from Norton LifeLock.

We didn't find any instance of norton on her company's pc.

Also her favorites have been synchronized. All her private favorites from her personnal pc can now be found on her company's pc and vice-versa.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi sabegg

Synchronising bookmarks/favourites from personal to corporate devices is indeed possible if the Corporate instance of the browser does not prohibit it. For example a user can login to Google Chrome at home and save bookmarks only to then login to Chrome in the corporate environment to see their personal bookmarks again.

If other browsers in the corporate environment are also configured to import/sync bookmarks between them, then they too will show the users "personal" bookmarks.

Manage who can sync browser settings - Google Chrome Enterprise Help

With regards to Norton LifeLock, are you 100% sure the user is using the Corporate browser and not confusing their home browser with one thats accessible inside the OFFICE environment? Having said that, it is entirely possible that if you have configured Browser redirection, it will render the website on the client device but appear in the remote desktop (VDI instance), thus using her outbound network protection as opposed to the corporate proxy for example.

Hope that helps


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Hey acmcomputers,

First of all thanks for your reply. I wasn't able to find enough time to investigate more reason why I didn't reply sooner.

I'm 100% sure that she's using the corporate browser. She's not at home anymore, she's in the office, using Firefox, trying to access a "made up" phishing website done by our security team and she's been blocked by Norton Lifelock.

Every other single Corporate user have only McAfee installed and can access the phishing website without beeing warned. But since she has used VMWare to remotely use her corporate computer, she has this Norton warning coming up when she's trying to access the website.

I still can't fin any explanation and I need to try to "redo" what she has done.

Kind regards,


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