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No network connection between view agent and connection server (Horizon 8)

I tried the various solutions to this that I can find to this issue. 

Deploying from a golden imagine, we are using software versions 8.3. 

VMXNET3 is configured.

DNS and DHCP is working

Firewalls disabled and server and agents are in the same subnet and domain

If I log into the machines with remote desktop I can do everything I can do with any other computer without problems. 

Windows is fully updated as of last week both server and client vms. (Server 2019/Win10 20h2)

We are using FIPS and have botht he connection server and agent computers with it enabled plus the group policy "Use FIPS compliant algorithms..." is set to enabled. 

I can contact required ports through telnet. 

As an added insurance I reinstalled the agent on one of these computers without fips, same result.

One thing is if I use Horizon to tell a computer to restart it will shut down and never come back up until I do that manually. 

Anything that I am missing as a possible cause? I tried looking for errors in the agent logs but can't really find anything that's a problem.


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I got some more info here on this after reading some logs some more.

It's very similar to this issue here:




Except I get Update accepted as not currently configured instead of rejected.


2021-10-07T14:56:56.409-07:00 WARN (057C-13A4) <DesktopControlJMS> [DesktopTracker] CHANGEKEY message from (GUID) is discarded as it cannot be validated
2021-10-07T14:56:56.409-07:00 WARN (057C-13A4) <DesktopControlJMS> [JMSMessageSecurity] Message could not be validated: Message not signed
2021-10-07T14:56:56.409-07:00 WARN (057C-13A4) <DesktopControlJMS> [JMSMessageSecurity] Identity validation failed: UNKNOWN
2021-10-07T14:56:56.409-07:00 DEBUG (057C-13A4) <DesktopControlJMS> [JMSMessageSecurity] Identity validation failure trace com.vmware.vdi.logger.Logger.debug(Logger.java:44)
java.lang.Exception: Identity validation failed: UNKNOWN is not known identity for: agent/ad2a20b2-93b1-4e51-9879-4cb413d0d37e


The solution in that article of course did not fix my issues. 

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Try the below step in test pool or test machine:


1) Uninstall the Horizon agent

2) Reboot and make the below registry change [HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Agent\Configuration]InvalidateMachineIdentity:REG_SZ=”false”

3) Install the agent back and validate the status