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No Host Available for Desktop Pool

When attempting to create a desktop pool for use with linked clones, I'm not able to select any hosts on the 'Host and Clusters' screen. The information on that screen suggests that it filters out any hosts that aren't supported.

We've upgraded VirtualCenter to 2.5 (U4) and one of the ESX servers to 3.5 (U4). We moved the 3.5 (U4) server from its current datacenter into another which had a cluster of only two other ESX hosts (so we're under the required 8 max hosts). These two ESX hosts are still running 3.5 (U2).

The strange thing is that the list only shows one of our datacenters with no available hosts, even though we have multiple data centers. Is the issue down to the fact that all ESX servers in the cluster have to be on the same version?

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