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Hi everyone, I administer one View site so far with multiple clients lookingto coming across to the VDI world in the next quarter.

What we have just discovered is the Ministry of Education in my country tout NComputing as the recommended VDI solution for educational institutions to adopt.

They claim they are the fastest growing VDI company in the world. "NComputing is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world with over 20 million daily users in 140 countries." I find this very hard to believe as I have immersed myself in the VDI world for the last year and have never heard of them. I am not discounting them only on those grounds though which is why i am here to hear comments from Vmware View users.

They even have a model where NComputing integrates with View which is why I'm very keen to hear from anybody with an integrated NComputing Vmware View solution and what you think of it.

Is it just a cheap and cheerful solution which I shouldn't worry about, I've researched their claims and they talk about getting 30 users on one peice of hardware, what happens to the IOPS there?!?!?! Or is this a technology I need to be looking into because we play a big part in the education sector. We think the Ministry have got it wrong and this a proprietary system which offers a shared computing environement like terminal server.

They're making big claims and the first thing I checked was the size of their communitie on their forums. It was tiny. Anyone know about these guys and how it ties in with View? They also are a Vmware technology partner.

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a few month ago we try ncomputing thin clients,they are very economical but maybe the performance is not due my expectations. Wich model do you want to try?

I found that P20 of wyse is the best but is very expensive.

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