Multiple Monitors Issue on Horizon Client 5.4.3 (macOS)

I am running the following:

Mac Book Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 connected to 2 monitors -> VMware  Horizon Client 5.4.3 -> Windows 10 (this is the vm instance)

Since February, the only solution I could find too utilize both monitors was the have the Horizon Client window in "Windowed Mode" and have the window span the both monitors. Windows 10 (the  vm instance) just thought this was one wide monitor. It would scale correctly and was a good working solution for my work flow.

Yesterday, it all changed.  Now,  no matter the size of the Horizon Client window, the Windows 10 instance stays the same size. If the Horizon Client window spans  both monitors, it will display the Windows 10 screen in a square in the middle of the two monitors.


This is what it looks like in "Full Screen" mode, which is way worse:


I have searched a bunch to try and find a solution, but I haven't found one.

My Horizon Client settings are:


- Resolution: Automatic

- Scaling: Automatic

(these are  the only settings I have available)


I have tried to reinstall VMware Horizon Client with the same version (5.4.3) and even tried the 2006 version. (is there a way to fully uninstall other than taking the Application and throwing it in the Trash Can?)

I do not have control of the backend vm settings. These are controlled by my employer.

Please help. Don't understand why this just stopped working.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

In my macOS I have installed both Horizon Client 5.4.3 and Horizon Client 2006 (this is for testing purpose I left them this way).

In both clients, I can see under VM - Settings - Display, options to use Full Screen in All Displays, Single or Use Selected Displays.

I would strongly suggest you to completely remove your Horizon Client and install it again. You can use this command line to make it for you:

sudo uninstall file:///Applications/VMware Horizon



Note: On both Horizon Client versions I have this option available for selecting Full Screen displays.


Thiago Valcesia Senior Solution Engineer, EUC | VCIX – DTM | Office of the CTO, Ambassador
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

could you try 5.5 and see if it's fixed?

Another option for you to try with current version: please check the "Displays have separate spaces" in the Mission Control from System Preferences and then launch the desktop to see if it makes any difference?

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