Mouse cursor vanishing on VDI desktops

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can help, we are having issues with mouse cursors vanishing on our VDI desktops especially when the desktop has locked out and the user has to press ctrl + alt + delete. This is effecting our HP T5564 thin clients since we changed from RDP to PCiOP but the issue with the mouse cursor vanishing has always existed on the clients installed on our PCs and laptops. Our current environment is looking like this:

- ESXi 4.1

- VCenter Server 4.1

- View Client 4.5.0

- View Agent 4.6

I have been reading through the follow thread:


Above thread has been useful but we are not currently in a position to be upgrading our VCentre Server to 5.0 mainly because of the upgrade process involved in upgrading our View Client's. But I have also noticed some people have upgraded their View Agent to 5.0 which has solved this issue, would this be compatible with VCenter Server 4.1? Or would that have to be upgraded also?

Any help appreciated.



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