Microsoft Teams - VMware Optimized- Intel Smart Sound - We're sorry-we've run into an issue



I am currently testing out the VMWARE TEAMS OPTIMIZATION.


Horizon View Client (with Teams Optimization enabled) : 8.0.0 (2006)

Horizon View Infrastructure : 8.0.0 (2006)

Horizon View Agent : 8.0.0 (2006)


Connecting from : Lenovo Yoga X1 (2020 model) 


Several of my users have an issue where they can't use Microsoft Teams from their Horizon View Virtual Desktops for meetings. 


After several tests, I have realized that if the Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST - The "onboard microphone") is chosen as Microphone, the Meeting Connection does not establish.  


"We're sorry-we've run into an issue"


However, if I plug in a headset either in the 3.5mm jack or USB port and use this device as Microphone, it works just fine. 


Has anyone ever encountered this issue?



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