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Microsoft RDS CAL requirement in Horizon View

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand how licensing works when running Horizon View.

It seem to me that I need a Windows Professional license, ie Open License with SA or Windows VDA, the lather seems to expensive dough. But do I also need a RDC CAL for each user? I can not find a direct answer to that question.

Microsoft states that:

"If the solution uses any RDS roles (Remote Desktop Gateway, Remote App, RD Web Access, Remote Web Access, RD connection broker, RD Session Host, RD Virtualization Host, or RemoteFX), then an RDS CAL is required."

Where do I find information to if any RDS Services is used in Horizon Vew to deliver virtual desktops? The web has all sorts of qualified/unqualified answers and guessing's, I am in the search for the correct one now because this has been bugging me for some time now Smiley Wink.

It would be nice if VMware could supply this information and clarify what licenses is required from Microsoft.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jon.

I would advice to talk to Microsoft about this, VMware is not in the position to advice in licensing needs and terms for another software.

Microsoft have published a document to try to clarify this: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1/4/114A45DD-A1F7-4910-81FD-6CAF401077D0/Microsoft%20VDI%20...

One note however, the licensing should be the same no matter on what VDI solution you are using, so the same terms no matter if you are using Microsofts, Citrix or VMwares solution.

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