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Manual View Assignments

I am currently in a 5.0.0 View production environment for about 900 users utilizing ~70 media pools. Half of these media pools are Non-persistent.

All of the dedicated media pools have the box checked for "Enable Automatic Assignment". I am in the process of migrating my persistent users off their old VDI desktops to new VDI desktops. Since this process is geared on a 1 to 1 basis, I am manually assigning a particular user to a newer VM that is configured for his application needs. I am learning after I manually assign user X to a certain VM, they are getting an error message indicating "No desktop source assigned for this desktop.  Please contact your system administrator." even though there are amble free unassigned desktops available.

It appears if this manual assignment is not linking up correctly somehow.

However, if I remove the manul assignment for this user on that one VM and let View pick the next available VM in the media pool, the user can then connect successfully. However, they are accessing a VM that does not have all the apps he needs. Even if I remove the check box on the Media Pool setting for "Enable Automatic Assignment", the issue still occurs.

However, this is NOT always the case. Some media pools do not have this issue.

I am not sure what gives....

Any direction to resolve this issue would be great here! I really don't want to hear upgrade to View 5.2 to fix it...

Thanks in advance...


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I had that error myself, but I have always been a 1:1 dedicated environment.  I have had no further issues since moving to 5.2.

How I set mine up:  You are assigning a specific pool to a specific vm, so it is a Manual Pool with a Floating assignment.

Using a Dedicated assignment, View will try to assign the dedicated vm, but if it can't find it, it'll grab one from the pool.

I had to create a separate pool for each vm.  A gigantic PITA, but it is working. 

Thanks, Dan
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