Manual RDS agent install missing options

We have a physical RDS server we want to add as a manual RDS farm.

When we run the agent installer we do not get any option to select the view connection server.

The install options do not even list the View Composer or Instant Clone options.

The install will proceed but because there is no connection server listed it doesn't do anything.

We have tried the 7.4 and 7.3.2 agent.  Its like the installer is not picking up that we want it to be a manual RDS server.

We do have the RDS Session Host role installed.

Any hints?  I was not able to find any command line options to "register" it after the install.

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You may be missing a component outside if just the RDSH service. Like the Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoser Tools.

I would uninstall and install the RD Session Host components again.

Here is a nice guide on the steps:

VMware Horizon 7.4 – Master RDS Host – Carl Stalhood

Install Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2

The agent msi installer checks the TerminalServer property which is a private property of the Windows installer service. I believe you need at least one remoteadmin tool installed to trigger the property value to true.

TerminalServer property (Windows)

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