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MS Photos issue

Hello.  At my work, we are running Horizon 7.13.1 with Link-Cloned desktop pools.  VMs have been upgraded, recently, to W10 v20H2.  After running OSOT on the master template and recomposing the VMs on the desktop pool, MS Photos does not show up as installed nor as the default app to open .jpg, .png, etc., files.  Most of the time it will not respond when the user selects the "Print" option, after opening an image.  For several users we have to run a PowerShell script to "repair" the installed apps (among them MS Photos) on the VM. 

We had made sure, on the master template, that MS Photos is installed (after analyzing, generalizing, etc.) and to place it as the default app for pictures.  Also, made sure that the "Print" option will work.  But these settings do not stick, once the master template is finalized, a snapshot is created, and the new image is used for recomposing the VMs.

Any ideas for a fix will be greatly appreciated.



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