Losing TCP/IP printers after recompose

This has been going on for some time and I can't figure out a resolution. A little history first: 

We use location based printing to map printers to most of our users. However a specific group of users connects to a printer that has a number of profiles associated with it for different letter head papers etc. Support has already told us that this is simply not supported with location based printing. So we removed that printer and those users from the GPO. 

Instead we manually added the printer as a local TCP/IP printer and imported their profiles etc. Things work fine until recompose. Then the printer is lost. This happens for any user with a TCP/IP installed printer and it creates a lot of work for our help desk after recomposing the pools.

Is there any way to persist these printers through recompose? I've tried using ThinPrint, which I know is going away, and VMware integrated print without success.

FYI We are on Horizon 7.11 and vSphere 6.7 U3. We are currently using linked clones and have not implemented UEM yet.

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