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Logon time variance in medical environment

Hey guys,

We have just deployed a pilot program at a hospital and are experiencing some odd patterns.  I'll list everything out in point form below:


- vBlock 300, XTremIO storage, 6 Cisco UCS blades, 384 GB /blade, plenty of CPU

- VMware View 5.2 build 987719

- At current time - one pool, optimized disk, every user hits the same pool, 50-75 users on the pool at any time, but for now 10 or so connected and the rest are mostly in a disconnected state as nurses log on, perform their work in Epic and disconnect

- Common pool settings, set to disconnect after 5 hours.

- Users do not have profiles, there is no customization at all since all that they are using is Epic and Explorer. Each VM is refreshed at log off and it's a non-persistent pool.

There is an overabundance of resources.


What we are seeing is that some users take 30 seconds from login (Imprivata OneSign finger scan) or typing in password, regardless I start timing from the moment the hit the Enter button or touch the fingerprint reader, to the moment that they are ready to type in Epic which is the most common medical use application in use WHILE some users take 45 seconds.  I've looked at the user accounts to see their group membership, what resources (drives, printers) they are mapping, but there is no pattern.  Some users that are mapping nothing at all and are just members of a couple of basic groups. We eliminated a lot of possibilities that are focused on the user.

I'm wondering now if this is something that may have to do with the back end system. Something in vSphere, View or maybe even hardware.  

The question:

Have any of you experienced anything like this?  Basically random login time differences between users.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

No direct answer to your question, but I would recommend you add a GPO setting to your desktop pool GP to show verbose login progress messages. You may then be able to see exactly where the login process is slowing down for some users.

Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/System/Verbose vs normal status messages/

Be sure to note this setting is dependent on the "Remove Boot / Shutdown / Logon / Logoff status messages" GPO being disabled.

Hope this helps you track it down.