Logitec Pro 9000 webcam on view 4.6 not connecting

Hey guys

Im having issues trying to get a logitech Webcam Pro 9000 to get to work on vmware view 4.6

Current setup is a laptop running windows 7 x64 and on it I have vmware view client 4.6. Connecting to a win7 x64 VDI running on Vmware View 4.6 (hosted on esx 4.1 ESX hosts)

The webcam works on my laptop, and in my VDI session, at the top bar where one can disconnect and reconnect USB devices, I can see the webcam listed. As soon as I try to connect it however, the following message pops up.

Unable to connect "logitec Webcam Pro 9000' device. Device may be in use by another application.

Any ideas?

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Its exactly what the error-messages says, something is using the webcam on your local machine and that is why you can't forward it.

Close any programs that are using the webcam, maybe check if there are any services started that is related to the webcam and stop those to.

// Linjo

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