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Log in as current user issues

We're running a test installation for VMware View 4. Everything is setup according to the Administration guide and all works just fine, except for the option 'Log in as current user' in the VMware View client.

When selecting this option and pressing the Connect button, it results in an error.

The message returned is either one of the messages below:

- The View Connection Server authentication failed

- The View Connection Server connection failed. (null)

When entering the exact same credentials manually, the connection is made without any errors and the list of available desktop pools is shown.

All machines (client, 2 connection servers, loadbalancer, VM's) are on the same local subnet, except for the VI management server.

I tried connecting to the loadbalancer and to either one of the connection servers directly all with the same error.

What could be the problem here?

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Here are some suggestions for solving the first error: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/127666

Hope you'll find something helpful.


Paul Svirin

StarWind Software developer ( )

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