Local IP Address (Bi-Directional Communication)

Please tell me how I can achieve the following.

Visit a Customer Site and connect to a Remote 2019 Server Desktop (Horizon 😎 😎



Software on the Remote Server needs to Bi-directionally communicate with the Customer's Printer (connected to their Local Network)

I would  like to KEEP the Software in the Datacenter

I would like to make 'minimal' demands on the Customer

I have the option of connecting a travel router, GL-AR750S directly to the Printer (1gig Ethernet) and connecting my IPad Pro wirelessly to that router or If the Full Client is needed, use a Surface Pro. The router has pre-installed WireGuard server and client


See screenshots below

(I'm not sure what I could do with the second option of a file path to see the Printer's IP)


(Remember, these dialogs are from the Remote Server (I control), needing to see a Local IP (on Customer Site)



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I'm not quite sure if I understand the issue.

Do you want to print via a software installed on a remote Win2019 server desktop by using a printer on the customer's network?

If this is what you want to achieve, is the server desktop accessible to the printer? Are they reachable for each other?

If yes you can use LBP(location-based printing) .

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Thanks ofox,

Yes, to your first question, but see my first picture; It (the Application) can only use the IP Address of the Printer. I have NO idea what must be done to get a remote App to SEE the IP. (different networks over the Internet)


Example: Connect to your Home Lab via Horizon, launch an Application on a Server Desktop, now how do you get that app to see the IP Address of a Printer at work (you know the IP).


Don't think printing a document; think communicating with a device; a REMOTE device, via IP. Transverseing the internet, going thru a firewall.

The Application will send data to the Printer, but fist it must Read data FROM the Printer (bi-directional communication)

Microsoft has AOVPN technology, VMWARE NST VPN? some kind of 'Channel' via a Remote Protocol.


These are Large and Grand Format Graphics Printers (44", to 16ft) wide

Usually, this type of IP is addressable to anyone (If I plug in my tablet/client insisde the Client Side, I can see/access the device. I just one to keep the App in the Cloud/Datacenter/off Prem.

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