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Linked Clones and Custome Active X plugins

  Ok, This may sound a bit dumb but I am having an issue with custom active x plugins.Current envisonment is vCenter and ESX 4.0 update 2 with View 4.5.  We are running Windows 7 plus a few apps as our base load with typical Windows Active Directory configuration.  All user profiles are roaming.  We are running linked clones and have come accross an odd problem.  As we roll out inked clones to more users we are seeing an issue with custome active x web plugins.

  Most web site use adobe, flash, or whatever and we have been able to get around those by including them wither in the base image and with thinapp.  Recently one user, jst switched to View Client, went to a web site that they will be going t everyday on her old PC and could not open the file she has every day because it wanted to install a custome plugin.  I went over to see what is going on and the custom plugin wants to install to C:\Windows\system32, which stuck me as very odd.  I was always the assumption that plugins generally instaled into the user profile and to date we have had no issues with any except this one.  We can install but as soon as she logs off the loaded plugin goes away.

  Any ideas?



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