LOGON, Time, Black Scrren, and Logon Monitor

Here is the issue i face...Using Horizon 7.13, DEM, and Appvol (for writable vols) and login speed is terrible.  My master image id optimize per the KB article on Creating an Optimized Windows Image.  At one point prior to DEM adn APPVOL login time was about 35secs total.  With all the players in play login speed is now about 55 seconds which is unacceptable.  The odd part is that the logon monitor says that login time is only 32 seconds. When launched the screen shows please wait for App Vol,  service, then applying DEM, preparing windows, then the screen go black for about 20 seconds.  Total time from launch is 55 seconds. Here is what the logon monitor says...



When does logon monitor start it's count???  It takes about 25 seconds just for it to get to preparing Windows.  

What else can be done to reduce the Shell Load Time?


Any help is appreciated.  


Thank you in Advance



Thank you, Perry
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in RDSH, its *exactly* at the time you see "local session manager"  e.g. when the USER session actually logs in. 

in our env   brokering and everything up until that point would be another ~9 seconds... (its been a while since I've checked)   

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