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KB55049 - How to get better performance for a single vGPU profile for all vGPU desktops (Breaks instant clone provisioning)

I am curious if anyone has any information on this KB article.  I came across it while troubleshooting another issue, and found that it makes sense to implement on a new environment I'm building.  The new environment is a VXRail 4.5.212, Horizon 7.5.1 with GRID M10 cards all using the M10-1B Profile.

I enabled the feature per the article, but it broke provisioning in a spectacular fashion.  I have some screenshots at home I can attach later, but I found it very odd.  After disabling the feature per the article, I ended up having to manually reboot ESX hosts before instant clone provisioning would start working again.

Can anyone explain what exactly this feature does to enable "max performance mode"?  I thought that setting the VM's to distribute VM's across GPU's in vSphere was all that was needed?

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