Issues encountered on Horizon 6 POC

We are facing the following issues during the Horizon 6 POC:

Problem 1:

User couldn't print the label with Zebra barcode printer using RDSH-Application via the internet browser and VMWare horizon client. The print job is displayed "error", then disappeared after few seconds. The Zebra printer is connected via direct parallel cable or usb cable with the desktop.

Problem 2:

The Thinapp running at RDHS-App cannot detect the serial interface of barcode scanner which direct connected with the desktop.

Problem 3: The Thinapp application provisioned by RDHS-App, user cannot locate the .exe file in his laptop local C:\. We had enabled the C drive access under Sharing option in Horizon Client program.

Problem 4: While doing the Thinapp capture, the file called new kernelmode component is not supported by ThinApp

Can someone in the community can help?


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