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Is There a Timeout Limit for Sysprep Operations? (i.e.: RunOnce commands)

Some time ago in the Customization Specification Manager I created a new specification from scratch that would be used for our Windows 10 Linked Clone VDI pool.  That specification has consistently worked so we see it as a known good.  Recently we added a command to the RunOnce section of said specification that would call a script, and although the script is being called successfully, the script is being terminated prematurely by 'something' very early into the process.

The only references to a timeout that I could find were specific to ClonePrep & QuickPrep:

I dug a bit into the customization specification documentation but didn't find anything that spoke to sysprep timeouts:

We performed some key 'sanity checks' and they all checked out:

  1. The script itself is sound as it runs to completion successfully when executed manually, be it as a local or domain user, the built-in administrator account or SYSTEM via psexec.
  2. If I create an unattend.xml using Windows System Image Manager, add a RunOnce command that calls the script the same way we've setup via the customization, and image a machine specifying the unattend.xml, it also runs to completion successfully.
  3. Although it appears to be possible to specify a timeout in an unattend.xml​, we're not specifying one; And as far as I can tell it isn't even possible to do so via specification creation process.
    • The closest analog - and I'm speculating here - would be for one to upload their own unattend.xml where a timeout is set, but we didn't do this.

Does the cloneprep/quickprep timeout limit above also apply to Sysprep? Or is there some other VMware timeout at play that's specific to Sysprep?


ESXi 6.5.0, 4564106

Horizon View 7.2.0 build-5735293

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