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Ipad as an extended monitor?

Hey, I love how VMware for the iPad works, love being able to do work from my iPad and after spending a little time at it I am completely used to using the controls on the iPad without a mouse. Would still desire a mouse, but that is what laptops are for. I do feel that this could go further though. If you are in the office, you have to choose whether to choose to log into VMware on the iPad or on the computer, not both. Mostly I choose the computer at work because I can be more productive with it, but I would like to be able to use both my monitors at my desk AND use my iPad as a third monitor. I have seen several apps out there that can do this, but I don't know if they will work with VMware. Personally I would like to use an app that does extended display that is made by the one who made the VMware client for the iPad in the first place. There are sometimes when I would like to actually lean back in my chair and work on whatever I am working on and then put it back over on the main monitors when I am done. I like to use the technology if I have it and I think this would be a great thing to add.

I have used my iPad in the office several times and find it very useful when I am working on a project with someone else and am working at their desk, I then am able to use my iPad to help rather than instruct where to get my information to help.

Thanks for the great work,


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