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Internet Explorer goes blank and unresponsive

I've seen an uptick in users stating that IE goes unresponsive when they disconnect from their desktop and reconnect somewhere else. The users have also stated that when they disconnect/reconnect any applications that were running in IE will be gone. When they try to relaunch the application, they get a blank white IE window without any address in the address bar, and they cannot do anything with it. Killing IE in the task manager does nothing.

Our main two applications rely on IE to function, so I cannot migrate them to a different browser. They use Chrome to do any web browsing. 

I did approach the application vendors, and although they did try to help, the applications are crashing so hard they don't leave any crash logs. They're just gone.

Windows 10 1809 LTSC, 3 vCPUs, 12 or 6 GB of vRAM (didn't make a difference), Imprivata 6.3/7.2 (no difference), NVidia GRID 11.2.

I do have a pool without GRID vGPUs, they have the same issue. 

My only hunch is that it may be something to do with the resolution change when they change workstations? I don't have a great way to test that, though.

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