Instant clone image publish fails - customization time out (over 600s)


I'm trying to setup horizon instant clone pool and using some non standard setup which works as follows:

The golden image has windows 7 32bit (already configured and tested to work with linked clone).

In addition I have added another thin baremetal hypervisor of my own design (not something from xen, ms or vmware)  which boots from a virtual floppy image, and then immediately (no interaction required) starts windows 7 as its guest.

We have tested this setup and it works flawlessly in our lab and we managed to create a pool of 100 machines.

Unfortunately at our client we find that the image publish process fails for some reason, the template vm is created and powered on and reaches windows login screen , and then for some reason it reboots twice and then just sits and does nothing.

Eventually the publish process fails and template vm  is deleted since the process takes longer than 600 seconds.

Do you have any idea what could cause such behavior ?

What could interrupt the instant clone image publish process ?

Thanks !

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