Instant Clone issues: "Windows must restart" at login?

We've been trying to get Instant Clones to work in our environment since View 6 and only recently been successful with View 7.3.2. Now that we are able to provision Instant Clone pools we're seeing a problem that is common to all our images. Some users will get "You must restart your computer to apply these changes" message at login while others don't. Users can select "Restart Later" and get around this but obviously we want to address this to reduce any end user confusion.

The images we're using are Windows 7 SP1 and are the same that we use in our linked clone pools. They don't exhibit this problem unless they are configured for Instant Clones. We've restarted the parent image, cleared the DataStore folder in C:Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder with no change. The sporadic nature of this makes me think its timing-related. Have any of you seen this?

We did see this KB regarding the issue but the hardware that's running ESX is all standardized and no variation in CPU types or manufacturers.

VMware Knowledge Base


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