Image build - start menu issue

Horizon 7.11, Windows 10 1909 -- automatic linked clones - FSLogix

I built a new Golden image my usual way, following the VMware guide, using the Optimization fling. The last thing I do is customize the start menu tile layout. I arrange the tiles on the golden image, use powershell - export-startlayout, then import-startlayout -layoutpath C:\layoutmodification.xml   -mountpath c:\.  This imports the layoutmodification.xml into the default users Appdata ......shell folder. It worked as expected the first time after I composed. But I needed to make some changes so I modified the tiles and repeated the process. However, on the recomposed VM's the tile layout did not change to the new modification. I have tried this several times, I have made sure to delete the layoutmodification.xml all together, I have also tried deleting the registry entry HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore\Store\Cache\DefaultAccount\* but no mater what I do, when I recompose, the VM's have the menu tile layout from the first modification. I even tried deleting the FXLogix profile container thinking the configuration might be saved in the profile somewhere. So I have not yet figured out why I cannot reset or modify the start menu layout. I have two other Win 10 1909 golden images where this works as expected, if I need to change the tile layout I simply arrange the tiles, do a new export and import of the xml, and it works great.

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