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Image Management/Automation Tools


I am in the process of building my homelab and would like to start really digging into some automation tools and was wondering what the people tend to use for image management + automation. SCCM is off the table without question. I'd trust SCCM to install my Windows OS but that's about it.

I'd really like to get into something like Chef/Puppet but I feel like those won't be able to do everything I need it to do.

What I am looking for primarily is something that will:

1) Build a new VM - PowerCLI/vSphere API

2) Install Windows - MDT? Others?

     2a) Post install enter audit mode

3) Perform Windows configuration - I've written most of this in PowerShell along with configuration tests as well. I'd like a better tool to either perform these changes as well as test

4) Install Applications and Configurations

5) Cleanup and Seal image for use

As I talk about this since it's Windows primarily that is used in VDI - MDT makes the most sense for that purpose. However I'd really like to get into Linux, vSphere, and some networking automation as well.

VDI Engineer VCP-DCV, VCP7-DTM, VCAP7-DTM Design
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