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IPad Client locking up. Must disconnect and reconnect to continue.

We have ipads out in the field that are using Verizon's 4G network to connect to our new Connection Server. All ports are open for the Connection server and the Ipads can connect just fine. However, once in a while it seems that the Ipad client will freeze up. The user on the Ipad will be clicking on the screen but will not see anything happening. If I go into the virtual desktop with logmein I can see the user clicking around the screen and moving the mouse but they don't see it.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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I suspect it's a Verizon 4G signal strength issue where the iPads are being used. Have you checked out Verizon's coverage map where those iPads are deployed?

I see the same the same issue with iPads in local wireless environments with weak signal strength.

- Keegan

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Did you try latest 1.6 view client release? There are some performance improvement in this release to reduce bandwidth.


What's New in Version 1.6

- Now supports iPhone 4 and later!
- Presentation Mode for iPhone 4 and later!
- Universal client supports iPhones and iPads
- Support for iOS 6
- URI schema using vmware-view:// for easier setup
- Client-side caching on iPad 2 and later for reduced bandwidth
- Updated with Retina and iPhone 5 optimized artwork
- Multitasking improvements reduces bandwidth when in background
- Disconnect from desktop now returns to Recent Desktops

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